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Brian likes to spend time with the wife and kid, listen to rock/grundge rock like Alter Bridge, Nickelback, Seether, Theory of a Deadman and similar artists, watch tv shows like CSI:(The original one, none of the other CSI's), Big Bang Theory, Hawaii 5-0,  and Friends re-runs. He's also a hugh fan of the Harry Potter series and The Bourne Trilogy and he likes Fringe and House but he's gotta catch up on the last couple seasons....he's so behind.

Tremonti-All I Was

Album Review by Brian Phillips

To begin...WOW! Mark Tremonti...he’s the lead guitarist of Alter Bridge and Creed,
World Renowned Guitarist, Backup and Lead Vocalist and
Solo artist all-in-one. Is there anything this guy might not be able to do?

This album is definitely quite a bit different from what I was expecting
but in a good way. I’ve seen many videos on YouTube where he’s mentioned
he has many rock and metal influences, plus he’s written all his music from
that incredible brain of his. I haven’t found it anywhere yet but I wonder how long
Mark has been waiting to be able to unleash all this talent he has and show it
to the world. This is Mark Tremonti totally raw and showing his true pure talent
that he’s developed over probably more than 20 years.

To make this album Mark Tremonti enlisted the help Eric and Garret, sorry
I don’t know there last names. 5 goods.....excuse me.....greats! about this
albumthat I love about artists that are able to accomplish it is

#1-every track is different in it’s own way, not one track sounds similar to any other.

#2-the guitar riffs Tremonti pulls off are just insanely crazy to me and just hearing
them and not being able to see him play the riffs makes me wonder how does
he do that but that’s what comes with years of practicing everyday and putting quality time
into mastering your skill.

#3-If you’ve ever payed any attention at all to Mark Tremonti
singing backup vocals in any of Creed and Alter Bridge’s past albums
you know he can sing and can carry a tune. On this solo album, it’s so hard to
believe that it’s Mark Tremonti SINGING! It’s really amazing when a musician
is able to come out from the background and be THE FRONTMAN and
show what he’s got to offer.

#4-Eric done great rythym guitar, stepping in while Mark done what he does
best and Garrett on drums blows me away. He’s right on cue with every lick,
plays double bass drum like I’ve never heard and changes beats
so seamlessly that when you hear the change it takes a second to
catch up and realize....oh...where’d that come from. It’s that solid
and finally #5-pre-release, I was anticipating about 98% of the album
to be pretty much nothing but medium to fast tempo songs, ripping
riffs non-stop, and just continuous go-go-go and not taking a breath
in between in any of it. Mark completely surprised me on this one.
He throws in a little bit of everything. Some fast, some medium paced,
some slow but not too slow and some parts that even have a ballad feel to it.
With this solo album, you get Mark Tremonti from all angles with no
holding back.

If you decide to pick up this album, there are tracks on here
for all rockers. If you like to just rock out the way rockers do, there’s tracks
on here for ya. If you like laid-back beats, it’s on here.
If you wanna do some "head thrashing," this album is for you and if you like
to just loose yourself in great vocal harmonies....oh yeah, you need this album.
Tremonti-All I Was, in stores now.

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